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Need hands-on help for your next procurement process for materials, services or supplies?

End to End Consultancy Services are experience, skilled and effective procurement service providers that deliver procurement support and consultancy for government and private sector clients.

Procurement Services

Hands-on help for your next procurement process for materials, services or supplies. Read More

Procurement Probity Services

Ensure probity is effectively managed throughout your procurement process. Read More

Procurement Training

Enhance the procurement skills of your team to handle future processes. Read More

Procurement Governance Reviews

Ensure your procurement governance structures and systems are effective and compliant. Read More

Procurement Services

Whether you need full end-to-end procurement support services or just support for any part of the procurement process across all procurement categories, we can help.

  • One-off strategic and tactical procurement projects.
  • Multi-stage procurements.
  • Procurement Panel establishment.
  • Assistance in developing project specifications.
  • Procurement strategy development.
  • Procurement project planning and management.
  • RFx (including RFQ, RFI and RFP) document development.
  • Briefing note development for financial and procurement purchasing decision makers.
  • Project Evaluation Plan, Evaluation Report and Evaluation Matrix development.
  • Evaluation panel coordination, mentoring, training and secretariat
  • Procurement submission composition.
  • Procurement risk assessment.
  • Stakeholder and supplier engagement and communication.
  • Contract development and supplier negotiation.
  • Contract reviews of pricing terms, conditions and service terms in conjunction with the legal team.
  • Recommended Supplier Decision documentation.
  • Contract Management Plan development.
  • Contract management system advice and support.

Procurement Probity Services

Need to ensure probity is effectively managed throughout your procurement process? Our procurement probity consultancy services deliver robust, accountable and transparent processes.

  • Probity risk analysis and mitigation planning.
  • A detailed review of procurement systems and documentation to limit risks and ensure transparency, impartiality, accountability and value for money.
  • Briefing and training of procurement and evaluation teams on probity requirements.
  • Attendance at evaluation team meetings to provide independent advice and to ensure probity is effectively delivered.
  • Probity mentoring and advice for financial and procurement decision makers.
  • Advice and reviews on the security and confidentiality of information and documentation.

Procurement Training

Aiming to enhance the procurement skills of your team so they can effectively handle future processes. Our in-house procurement training delivers results.

  • One-on-one or group procurement training and mentoring designed for employees who are not procurement specialists but who are or will be involved in a procurement process.
  • Training is customised to your requirements and can include understanding the regulatory framework, how to plan and conduct a procurement process, how to approach the market, stakeholder engagement, risk management, how to negotiate and manage a contract and how to apply probity to a procurement process.

Procurement Governance Reviews

Are your existing procurement governance structures and processes effective, efficient and compliant with legislative requirements?  We conduct collaborative and tailored procurement governance reviews that take into account your legal structure, regulatory environment, organisational vision and culture.

Our reviews can either address particular issues of concern within your current structure, systems and processes, or a global review that takes in all components within the procurement ecosystem.

Areas of focus may include:


  • Determining bottlenecks and streamlining procedural efficiency while maintaining or enhancing procurement probity.
  • Reviewing roles and delegation threshold levels.
  • Reviewing skill and knowledge levels and skill gaps.
  • Reviewing information and documentation security and confidentiality.
  • Alignment of procurement governance ecosystem with strategic direction.
  • Documentation review of policies, procedures and directives to streamline, ensure legislative compliance, limit risks, ensure transparency, impartiality, accountability and value for money.
  • Gap analysis of existing procurement ecosystem against new or existing legislative requirements.

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