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Transparent, rigorous and effective

Free up your team while driving cost savings

Is your team over-committed to procurement tasks that are taking them away from their key project deliverables? Are they floundering with unfamiliar processes and making mistakes as a result?

Do your contracts end up with cost blow-outs, double handling and miscommunication, or leave you locked into a poor supplier arrangement due to incorrect procurement processes?

Procurement can be complex, costly and time-consuming, with high financial and political risks if processes are not correctly followed.

Outsourcing your procurement support to a highly skilled and experienced independent procurement consultant frees up your team to deliver higher priority work outcomes, while driving contract improvements and cost savings.

Procurement Services

Hands-on help for your next procurement process for materials, services or supplies. Read More

Procurement Probity Services

Ensure probity is effectively managed throughout your procurement process. Read More

Procurement Training

Enhance the procurement skills of your team to handle future processes. Read More

How we can help

End to End Consultancy Services provides hands-on procurement support services for all levels of government and the private sector.

Through our demonstrated procurement expertise, we quickly understand your needs and objectives and tailor a solution for the fastest, most effective process.

We work in partnership with your project team and internal procurement departments to deliver successful, robust and transparent procurement outcomes no matter the size or scope of your process.

We take care of all of the details, and think through all the possible variables up front which means there is less contingency factored in by vendors and less need for variations and contract renegotiations down the track.

One of our key differences is our communication. Your decision makers and team leaders always know exactly where each procurement process is at, and any issues that are being managed along the way.

You are never left wondering or unable to answer a question from senior management. The information is always at your fingertips.


Because we deliver transparent, rigorous and effective procurement solutions.

Why outsource your procurement support?


Free you up to deliver higher priority work outcomes.


Get the right budget up front for your projects.


Increase savings while preventing contract creep and blowouts.


Meet your budget goals by ensuring risks are mitigated and hidden costs identified.


Ensure that all procurement processes are done by the book, with rigour and transparency to the process.


Reduce stress and overwhelm for you and your team.


Improve communication between potential vendors and your team so that there is a clear and shared understanding of what is to be delivered.


Ensure clear management information to support effective decision making and approval by financial and procurement delegates.


Strong negotiation by an expert in the field to ensure a fair and equitable contract with the best possible terms and conditions.

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